The goal of MIGHTY HAND OF GOD AID PROJECT is to give children in Africa the financial basis for school and education.

The further vision is that MIGHTY HAND OF GOD AID PROJECT stands up for protection against exploitation and violence as well as for healthy survival. We want to make a contribution to a world that respects the rights of children, so that they can grow up safely, freely and independently.

WE THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who is committed to these children. Every single donation is an image of the “mighty hands of God” and 100% reaches the needy. Thank you for your gift.

Our donation account:

Account owner: Robert Friedrich Prokop
IBAN: BE28 9672 2018 5720
Purpose of use: Donation for children in need

Bank address:
Avenue Louise 54, Room S52
1050 Brussels – Belgium



Donations are possible in all cryptocurrencies, including EXCoin.

For naming on this page,
please contact Mr. Prokop via chat in WhatsApp or Telegram.

We would like to thank the following donors

20EuroRobin Haimerl
300Euro in BTCPeter Kozar
500Euro in BTCSteffen Hoffmann
250EXCoinPatrick Vida
20EuroErna Harsany
100EXCoinJacqueline Sonnenberg
143EXCoinZlatko Hatic
820EXCoinKarl-Wilhelm Viehl
20EuroNina Blatz
120EuroDaniel Zurbuchen
240EuroSimone Fütterer
2.857EXCoinLinda Huby
6.336EXCoinElisabeth John
8.914EXCoinMargarete Stollberger
1.136EXCoinStefan Hulsch
12.488EXCoinBrigitte Prokop
21.396EXCoinFriedrich Prokop
575EXCoinJacqueline Becker
890EXCoinAlexander Rosentreter
570EXCoinEva Ahrer
8.910EXCoinBarbara Ammann
568EXCoinMaria Rosenberger-Haas
1.645EXCoinMartin Tiede
661EXCoinPia Stoll
11.022EXCoinRalf Paulick